Tampa Bay Business Journal: February 8, 2013

TAMPA - In this week's Tampa Bay Business Journal segment, editor Alexis Muellner discusses the potential impact of gun legislation on people who need weapons for work, the decision by Publix not to put a store at the Encore development, and how the early success of the Streamsong Resort is a good sign for the tourism industry.

This week the Business Journal has a special feature "Guns at Work" covering three topics: at the range; on the job; and in the workplace.

In the wake of mass shootings in Connecticut and Colorado, and with a debate raging over ways to reduce gun violence, businesses and law enforcement are focused on how to protect workers.

Publix announced they will not open a grocery store at the Encore development project. Developments and city officials are now wondering what to do now. There is a need for a grocery store in downtown Tampa. The questions are now which company will be one, where it will go and when it might open.

Mosiac's Streamsong Resort in Bowling Green is doing strong business following its December opening.

The resort features two 18-hole golf courses and a clubhouse with accommodations for 16 guests. Streamsong caters to the "alpha golfer" who is willing take ten golf vacations a year, spending an average of $3,000 per trip.

The initial success of Streamsong is a good sign that the state's tourism industry is finally starting to rebound from years of little to no growth.

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