Tampa Bay Business Journal: April 11, 2014

TAMPA - In this week's Tampa Bay Business Journal segment, editor Alexis Muellner discusses the evolution of call centers into Shared Service Organizations, the remodeling of Sweetbay Supermarkets into Winn-Dixies, and the high number of Americans who are stressed out at work.

Tampa is number one in the nation for share service operations. You can recognize them by another name, call centers.

The city earned a reputation for thousands of low- and mid-level jobs where employees constantly answered phone calls. That business has expanded to include support activities beyond sales or support.

Now a number of corporations, including Coca-Cola Refreshments and PricewaterhouseCoopers, have shared services operations in Tampa for accounting, information technology, human resources, legal, real estate and more.

The jobs can pay up to $80,000 to $100,000. There is one major caveat to this industry. The future of shared service operations jobs are dependent on decisions made at corporate headquarters that normally are not located in the Tampa Bay area.

Sweetbay Supermarkets are disappearing. The locations are each closing for one week to be transformed into Winn-Dixie stores. Bi-Lo Holdings acquired of 163 Sweetbays and decided to rebrand all of them.

What makes the change amazing is all the makeovers are occurring in just four days. That requires the removal of all Sweetbay products and replacing them with Winn-Dixie items.

A study by Nielsen for Everest College shows eight out of 10 Americans are stressed out at work. The most common causes of job stress? Low pay and long commutes,

Other major stress-inducing issues include: heavy workloads, problem co-workers, and a poor work-to-life balance.

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