Smart phone app "Mowz" promises to become the Uber of lawn mowers

Lawn service ordered with tap of the finger

TAMPA, Fla. - Uber, Lyft and Airbnb may be just the beginning of services you can call up on your smart phone.

Coming to Florida in just about a week, a new company will deliver a lawn service to your yard with a few taps of your finger.

It started in Syracuse, N.Y., as "Plowz" -- an app to get your driveway cleared after a big snow. But warmer weather inspired "Mowz" a lawn service now in 30 markets and coming to Florida next month.
"We're pretty confident Tampa will be a good market for us," said co-founder Wills Maloney. Mowz let's you request a lawn service through an iPhone and Android app. Mowz dispatches a licensed and insured company to your home, sometimes in the same day. Mowz collects the money through your credit card on the app and pays the lawn company directly.

"On top of it, you get a picture of the job when it's completed. So you can be away and out of town and order a Mowz for your mom from New York City," said Maloney.

Lawn Sculptures in South Tampa thinks the idea is worth considering.

"As far as technology looking forward, we don't want to turn any ideas away," said Noel Suders.

Suders' company already has 200 regular customers, so she doubts it would make sense for her to spend the 10 to 30 percent commission that Mowz takes off the top of every job.

"I think it'd be a really good opportunity for a company that is just starting out that needs new accounts and doesn't have money to do advertising," said Suders.
The idea for Plowz and Mowz was inspired by Uber, the app-based car service that has cab drivers worried about losing their business to part-time, non-professional drivers using their personal cars.

But Maloney thinks existing lawn care companies in Florida will eagerly sign up to be listed on their app.

"There's nothing better than getting paid within 24 hours and not having to chase people down for payment and never having to take a job. They can pick and choose what jobs they want," said Maloney.

There are other apps that offer a wide range of household chores and repairs, but Plowz and Mowz wants to focus on those two jobs for now. The founder told me they may branch out to leaf collection in the near future.