Average American spending $3,000 lunch, coffee, more than commuting

If you'd like to save an extra couple thousand a year, one survey found that the average American could pocket up to $3,000 by brown bagging lunches and dropping that $4.00 or so coffee habit.

An Accounting Principals survey found that two-thirds of employed Americans spend $37 a week or $2,000 for lunch and $1,000 on coffee, according to an ABC News report. That amounts to more than most people spent on commuting, which averages out to just $1,500 annually.

The research noted differences based on gender and age, with men spending $46.50 weekly on lunches, compared to the $26.50 that women spend.

Young professionals 18-34 tended to spend nearly twice as much on coffee at $24.74, compared to those 45 and up, spending $14.15.

The average tax refund was $2,913 according to Yahoo Finance. Where will your refund go?

Read more here: http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/business/2012/01/coffee-lunch-spending-tops-tax-refunds/


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