Online dating web sites to use facial recognition software to help narrow the field

TAMPA, Fla. - If you're one of the many looking for love, and are offering a new tool that may speed up the process: Facial Recognition.

The websites are now able to use a picture of your ex and scan their profiles to gauge the face shape and structures you are most attracted to.  
I asked local psychologist Stacey Scheckner if she thinks it would work.
“They're using qualities,  characteristics about your facial appearance to match your type, however it really [is] about chemistry,” she said. “Even if you see someone on paper and go ‘Wow! They  are drop dead gorgeous,’ how do you know you're going to be attracted more until you meet them in person?”
What about the “eww” factor of trying to find a match that looks just like your ex? 
Scheckner said the websites are likely trying to narrow down the field.
“But attraction and chemistry are about more than just looks,” she said.