Taking Action for Your Parents: Programs to help when your aging parents move in with you

Nancy Braswell's mother lived an independent life, but a stroke changed everything.

"One stroke was a little more massive than the others and they caused her to have vascular dementia", said Nancy.
Neighbors of her mother also noticed a change in behavior and Nancy took note of conditions in her mother's home.
That's when she realized her mother needed additional care. So, Nancy considered options.
She looked at the cost of assisted living.
According to the AARP, the median annual cost of assisted living in Florida is more than $30,000. Nancy felt the best move was to have her mother move in with her.
With the help of her mother's doctors, she convinced her mother it would be the best thing for her. 
Aging care advocate Genevieve Faulk says if your parent moves in, it's important to have some support in the home, whether it's formal, such as hiring an outside agency or informal, such as a family friend.
She also suggests some low cost, and even free, programs to get additional support for your parent.
Genevieve suggests the Alzheimer's Association http://www.alz.org/  and your local area agency on aging http://www.agingflorida.com/
Your local church can also provide programs and support. Nancy says her kids have also provided support for her mother. "She gets to have a social environment and also be cared for", said Nancy.