Managing your parents' care long distance

Helping your parents as they get older can be difficult, especially when they live out of state.
Caregiver advocate Linda Burhans said the first thing you can do when you live far away from your parents is to reach out to those around them.
"You need to call a neighbor of your parents, [or a] friend. Maybe you have some other family there, a church member that can go over and check for you", Burhans said.
Also be aware that phone calls may not be enough to paint a true picture of what's really going on with your parents.
"Little do you know, because you live in another state, that dad hasn't hardly eaten anything for three days," said Burhans, "that mom fell a week or two weeks ago. But mom's not going to say that because she doesn't want to lose her independence. So you need to go and see for yourself."
When you do visit your parents, use that time to make sure their health, financial and legal records are in order.
Also see what you can handle online for them, such as paying for care or managing their finances.
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