Survey finds most Americans would pick sleep over sex, many fall asleep in odd places

A national survey found a majority of Americans would rather have a good night's sleep than have sex – and many admitted to sleeping in some interesting places.

The survey, conducted by the Better Sleep Council for its "May is Better Sleep Month" campaign, found that 6 in 10 adults in the United States crave sleep more than sex.  That figure is a lot higher for women, where 79 percent sided with sleep.

About half of those surveyed said they fall asleep somewhere other than their bed at least once a week. Some of the oddest places included tree/roof, stranger's apartment, casino, drag races, tank and saw horse.

The most common non-bed locations people said they fell asleep were:
·  1 in 10 admitted to dozing off at work (double this if you include students)
·  7% of Americans nod off in church
·  7% admitted to sleeping in the car (some of those while driving)
·  6% on public transportation
·  4% on the toilet

And it may come as no surprise to many that men are more likely than women to fall asleep just about anywhere other than their bed – 14 percent for men and 8 percent for women.

The BSC's survey was conducted in early 2012 and included 1,000 participants, with a +/- 3 percent margin of error.

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