Summer vacation ideas: Three tips to save money on your next vacation

One thing on the top of most people's list this time of year is taking a vacation without breaking the bank. If money is no object, you can head to the top tourist destination in the world, Bangkok; closer to home New York City rakes in the most cash from travelers and Tokyo is number one by a longshot when it comes to sightseers with expensive taste.

If you're looking for a more budget friendly travel destination, you do have plenty of options and it all comes down to planning. Senior editor of , Jeanenne Tornatore shares her three tips for summer vacation savings.

1. Think outside the beach box: Beaches are a popular summer destination and that means big crowds and overpriced hotels. Tornatore suggests choosing popular destinations that are in the off season. You can save 40 to 50 percent on hotels at traditional winter escapes like ski resorts, Phoenix, and the Caribbean during the summer months.

2. Look at amenities: If you have children, determine what you want to do on your trip and make sure the hotel fits your lifestyle. Are there kids clubs, zero entry pools, or video game rentals? A lot of properties offer complimentary wi-fi and breakfast, those small fees can add up over a trip so if you want to utilize them try to get them at little to no cost.

3. Package it up: Hotels and airlines frequently team up to offer combined savings. Tornatore says if a hotel needs to fill rooms, or an airline needs to fill seats they will offer deeply discounted rates when they bundle those together and you reap the benefits.

Simple ways to save on your summer vacation on The Breakdown.

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