Secret lovers have new toy to keep affair under wraps

NEW ORLEANS, LA - Got a secret lover? Now there is an app to help you hide your affair.

It is called "Cate." The application intercepts calls and texts from a person's mystery lover, stores them in a disguised program, and allows the messages to be seen when the time is right.

The app's creator, a Florida cop, says "Cate" has only been on the market for two weeks and already 7,000 people have purchased it, mostly women.

The app costs $2.99 but digital forensics expert, Andrew Case warns it could end up costing users a whole lot more. Case says while it may work on the average user, experts have done assessments of applications that let you hide data and things securely and almost none of them withstand forensics analysis.

He says anything you do will come back to haunt you. Note to cheaters: You've been forewarned!

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