Rescues in Action for Sunday, March 30

TAMPA - "Xenia (pronounced zee-na) is a gorgeous three-year-old fawn boxer with her natural tail. She was left at a south Florida shelter with her brother, Zack. They were both extremely skinny and Xenia was heavily heart worm positive and is currently undergoing treatment. This treatment will require her to go through a series of shots to kill the heartworms and requires that her activity be restricted until veterinary clearance, which is usually given after about six weeks.
Xenia adores her brother Zack and they do everything together. Xenia is a skilled lizard chaser and will keep your yard lizard-free. They love to play together and spend time outside sunbathing and doing what boxers do best, boxer wrestling. Xenia and Zack are completely house-trained and do not need to be crated. They both do well with other dogs with proper introductions. They just cannot be separated these two.

To learn how to about this brother and sister visit Florida Boxer Rescue.