Rescues in Action for Sunday, July 6: Buzz, Mikasa, Eren & Leia

LITHIA, Fla. - Name of Cat: Leia (F) 11 weeks

Leia was found in a hollow tree outside of the Women's Resource Center in Brandon. An employee would feed mama cat, and one day she followed mama cat to the woods and inside of this hollow old tree was three kittens! Leia is a "lap cat" she gets along with other cats, but she really just wants to curl up on and nap on your lap.

Name of Cat: Buzz (M) 7weeks

Buzz was found abandoned and malnourished on porch. A good Samaritan brought him into VCF. Today, Buzz lOVES to eat. He also loves to play, is very curious and is a very easy-going kitten

Name of Cat: Mikasa (F) & Eren (M) 7 weeks

These two were found in a storm drain during one of our evening thunderstorms. They were also rescued by a good Samaritan. Mikasa was born without a tail, what we refer to as a "bob tail," she is completely normal and healthy.  Both seem to have no fear, they love to play and are very energetic little kittens.

To learn more about how to adopt any of the cats email, or call: 813.681.9080 , ,

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