Rescues in Action for Saturday, June 28, 2014

TAMPA - Franklin D. Woofsevelt, or Franklin which is for short, is a great dog. Franklin loves to be by your side (when he's not napping) and will let you know if he needs some additional attention with a loving nose poke.

He has longer legs than most bassets and he thinks that’s all the better to chase cats with. He doesn’t like cats, so he needs a cat-free home.

He loves to go for walks and enjoys playing with the others at the dog park. If it were up to Franklin, he’d just go on walks all day long! Next to neck scratches and tummy rubs, it’s one of his favorite things.

FDW shows his gratitude through an usual tail wag, it looks sort of like a helicopter taking off! He needs a home where folks will give him lots of attention. He would love to be an only dog, or he’d be happy with a pack. Older children would be the best for Franklin. 

Visit Suncoast Basset Rescue to learn how to adopt Franklin.