Relationship killers: Yahoo's 10 things a man should never say to a woman

Men come from Mars and women come from Venus; he says ice-cream and she says low-fat yogurt. There are 78 genes that separate a man from a woman, so not surprisingly, we use the same words but we tend to be speaking a different language and someone ends up with a foot in their mouth.

Based on the opinions of several men, Yahoo Shine has gathered a list of things a man should never say to a woman!

4. Your mother's a nut!

Women are loyal and protective over their families, so speaking negatively about her mom, dad or even the best friend is almost a sure fire way to feel the wrath of your lady friend.

"Especially her mother - they are holy territory," says Vishal Sharma, who works with a multinational company.
She may yell, give you the silent treatment or even cut you off, depending on how deeply your words have wounded her. The lesson here is to choose your words wisely.

3. Why can't women drive?

If a woman couldn't drive, the state she lives in wouldn't have issued her a license. Saying sexist things about how women can't drive or throw a ball or get to the point will not only put you in the dog house, but bring contention every time the subject comes up.
"... be sure that she will use it against you the next time you dent your (car)," says Sharma.

She may refuse to drive your car or she may work on her pitching skills and send you to the emergency room during your next friendly game of baseball.
Don't let things get too ugly.

2. Thanks for sleeping with me

Never say thank you after sex, if she slept with you, it's because she wanted to. Saying thank you can be interpreted in far too many negative ways---desperate, awkward, etc., even if you really were just expressing your gratitude for sharing the experience.
"One sloppy thank you after sex and you'll make her feel as if you're desperate for sex," says Karan Madan, a medical practitioner.

1.No, yes, maybe you look fat in that dress

From size zero to size infinity and beyond, very few women are perfectly happy with their size, shape and overall appearance. The guys' opinion on the matter?
Change the subject: " I honestly prefer the blue dress, purple romper, formal, casual, jeans, slacks number you wore last weekend, but you always look good!"

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