Rescues in Action: Nala

Nala is a sweet two-year-old female pit mix that was picked up as an injured dog by Miami Dade Animal Services last July.

This is the only county in Florida where it is illegal to own a Pit Bull Terrier, so she had no chance of making it out. A group called the Miami Coalition against Breed Specific Legislation saw that Nala wasn't geting any medical care and alerted the media. They were able to take Nala from the shelter with the promise of a rescue in another county taking her in. Nala was transported from Miami to Clearwater by a team of volunteers to Sunset Animal Hospital for care. From the x-rays, it appears Nala's foot was run over by a car and she had numerous fractures in her toes and foot as well as dog bites. Her untreated injury had progressed to a severe infection of her leg and her leg had to be removed to save her life.

Dunedin Doggie Rescue fostered Nala through her recovery and rehabilitation. Nala has brightened up to be a happy girl that adores meeting people and going for short runs. Now all she needs is a forever home!
If anyone would like to meet her, please fill out an adoption contact form at

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