Rescues in Action: Momma cat and her three kittens need forever home

TAMPA - Four adorable kitties are our Rescues in Action this weekend.

Oink is a male, white and black, who is 16 weeks old. He's an outgoing boy who loves to explore. He is very comfortable around other cats and dogs and would do well in an active household. Oink loves to curl up in your lap and fall asleep after a long day.

Todd is a 10 week old male, dilute orange tabby. Todd is a very sweet boy but is nervous at first. Once he gets to know you, he will beg for attention and especially loves cheek rubs. He and his brother, Copper, love to wrestle! Todd enjoys other cats and doesn't mind dogs. He would do well in a home with one of the other kittens.

Copper is a 10 week old male orange tabby with white toes. He's very playful and thrives in the company of Todd and Oink. He gets along with other pets too. Copper would do well in an active household where he can run and play all day!

Big Momma is a 10 week old brown tabby female. Big Momma is a cool kitten. She is very laid back and doesn't stress easily. She loves cats and dogs. Big Momma also enjoys affectionate back scratches. She would do well in any household where she would get lots of attention.

All four of these gems have been spayed/neutered, vaccinated, dewormed and are microchipped. They are ready to start their new life in their forever loving home. If you're inspired to provide Oink, Todd, Copper and/or Big Momma such a home, visit the Cat Crusaders' website and complete an online contact form, send an email to or call 813-472-9700

Cat Crusaders is an all-volunteer cat rescue organization that operates out of the New Tampa PetsMart located at 6248 Commerce Palms Drive in Tampa. The adoption center days and hours are Saturday and Sunday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. See the Cat Crusaders' website( ) for more information.

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