Meet our ABC Action News rescue animals of the week - adopt a Pointer-Dalmatian mix who needs a home


Meet Juliet, one of our Rescues in Action dogs this week.  At one year old Juliet is all puppy. She loves to play, go for walks and  ride in the car. She's also does a good job walking on a leash.  Juliet is fully grown and weighs in at  40 pounds.  Juliet will need a special owner, because she's deaf--and that's why her rescuers think she found her way to Dalmatian rescue a shelter. Other than that, she's a wonderful, playful dog who loves people and gets along with both dogs and cats.  She is housebroken and healthy.

To see Juliet, please fill out an Adoption Application on their website at, call 727-787-1760 or email or    

And also say hello to Boots! Boots is a two year old Pointer-Dalmatian mix who came to Florida from a shelter in Texas. Boots would be best for someone with an active lifestyle, and he loves to run. Boots needs a big, fenced yard and lots of play time...and he's best with children over 12 since he weighs 65 pounds. Boots' owner died and he was left alone in the backyard for a while--he may need a bit of retraining.

For more information about Boots, contact or call 727-787-1760

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