Neuroimage study finds scientific reasoning why men have trouble listening to women

For the women who feel that the men in their lives just aren't listening, it may bring you relief, or further frustration to know that they're not ignoring you on purpose, they were born this way.

The "I'm sorry what did you say" and "you're blabbering get to the point" quips men dish out during conversations is less about zoning women out and more about the fact that there are major differences in the way males and females process voice sounds, according to a study published in the NeuroImage journal.

The study claims that different parts of the brain are activated in men, depending on the gender that's speaking.

In the research's findings, the vibration and volume of sound waves in women's voices make it harder to decode what they're saying. Men end up using the more complex part of the brain that processes music, not human voices.

However, when it comes to men listening to men, they can easily absorb the message because a simpler brain mechanism is used to process the sound.

So the next time you're talking to a guy and his eyes look glazed over, snap him out of it, and communicate your message quickly before he checks out again.

After all, he's fighting against nature here.

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