More than 100 ways to wrap presents to make gifts stand out - from virtual gifts to recycled ideas

Break out the red and green paper and the shiny bows - present wrapping season is officially here!

But if you're feeling a little creative this year, you can spend a little more time decorating and create gift packaging that is almost as fun as what's inside!

Buzzfeed's Cute and Unexpected Gift Wrap DIYs

We love that this list includes reusable and recyclable gift wrap ideas, in addition to some why-didn't-I-think-of-that ways to wrap a gift like chalkboard markers. Click here for the 24 ideas:

Boak Art's Wrap Art

For those super creative individuals who want the packaging of a gift to be as exciting as the gift itself. Especially useful for both children and cats, when you already know they'd prefer the box anyway - although the one where you wrap the box in Christmas lights isn't recommended for those recipients. Click here for the 32 ideas:

Real Simple's 24 Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas

You want to make create gift wrappings. You really do. But you don't have the time or the talent for some of the more ambitious ideas in the links above. Real Simple has you covered with smart ideas like securing tissue paper covering a bottle-shaped or round object with a girl's decorative ponytail holder. Click here for the 24 ideas:

Cyndie Duhan's Gift Wrapping Pinboard

We don't know who Cyndie Duhan is, but she loves sharing ideas on creative gift wrapping. If you can't find something you like in the previous links, you'll love trawling through the more than 200 pins Cyndie has collected on Pinterest (as of today) that show creative ways to wrap gifts, like using knots instead of ribbons to make your presents stand out under the tree. Click here for the hundreds of ideas:

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