Local stylist reveals stars Red Carpet prepping secrets

TAMPA - Local stylist and beauty expert, Danielle McFarland, joined Ashley Glass in studio Sunday morning to share the stars Oscar secrets.

McFarland gave five simple tips on who Oscar worthy tricks women can use in everyday life, but look like their Oscar ready.

1. FACE: Skin highlighter - For flawless looking skin in photos anytime, use a highlighter over your foundation.  This trick evens out the reflective light from your skin and makes your skin look more even, more flawless!

2. EYES: Frozen spoons - keep 2 spoons in the freezer and place them over my eyes whenever they are puffy.  You press them firmly onto your eyes and they will take the puffiness out.  

3. FASHION TAPE - for the usual, keep clothing in place, and not so usual like keeping a belt flap from hanging loose, heel of a shoe to keep back of heel from rubbing, for hems, etc.

4. BRA EXTENDERS- keep the back fat away, these allow you to extend your bra size & a bit of breathing room

5. FLORAL WIRE - to take a long necklace or chain and shorten it, twist a small piece of the wire around the links in the back

McFarland owns local styling boutique Don Me Now located in South Tampa's Hyde Park Village.

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