Girl who received heart transplant returns to home that got a makeover

TAMPA - A year ago, 18-month-old Jaelyn Anderson was diagnosed with myocarditis, a viral heart condition. To save her life, Jaelyn needed a heart transplant, which she received in March. But that long road took a wrong turn after toxic mold was found inside Jaelyn's home, making the air dangerous for her to breathe and forcing the family to move out.

Now one miracle turned into another as the community came together and transformed Jaelyn's home into a heart-healthy place.

The newly renovated home includes hard wood floors that don't trap allergens, special insulation, chemical-free paint, and most important, a top of the line air monitoring system that makes the air inside anywhere from 50-100 times cleaner than outside air.

Saturday morning was a day so many worked hard for, the day that Jaelyn, her parents, Joshua and Brooke, finally got to return home. "My heart just dropped, I was trying not to cry, I was trying to hold it back, but it's just unbelievable," said Anderson, Jaelyn's father.

Now, the family can focus on Jaelyn's recovery, while enjoying the place they can finally call home.

"To get Jaelyn to come home, and actually make it home, is a miracle," said Kathy Anderson, Jaelyn's grandmother.

More than 25 companies helped to renovate the Anderson's home. Habitat for Humanity even stepped in to help provide the labor.

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