Recipe for Asian-marinated salmon

Recipe for Asian-Marinated Salmon:

Difficulty: Moderate
Prep time: 10 minutes plus 12 hours marinating time
Cook time: 5-10 minutes depending on the thickness of the salmon
Serves: 4

1/3 cup low sodium soy sauce
½ cup finely chopped cilantro (leaves and stems)
3 Tablespoons freshly grated ginger root
3 Tablespoons minced lemongrass
4 teaspoons sambal olek (chili garlic paste) or hot sauce
3 Tablespoons mirin
1 Tablespoon sesame oil
Four 6 oz. fillets of skinless salmon
Pan spray
2 Tablespoons minced cilantro leaves
1 Tablespoon minced pickled ginger

1.    In a blender, process soy sauce, ½ cup cilantro, ginger, lemongrass, sambal olek, mirin, and sesame oil until smooth.  Pour into a bowl and add salmon.  Marinate for 6-12 hours in the refrigerator.  
2.    When ready to grill, remove from marinade and lightly dry surface of the fish.  Spray fish with a pan spray.  Grill on a hot and very clean grill.  
3.    Sprinkle fish with 2 Tablespoons cilantro and pickled ginger before serving.


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