How to enjoy holiday eating without wrecking your fitness goals

TAMPA, Fla. - Memorial Day is a time of year where people throw on their swimming trunks, get the grills going and enjoy some time with family.

But trying to maintain your summer body can be a challenge when you're inhaling Memorial BBQ.

Not to worry! The List has you covered with providing some healthier alternatives to enjoy your day off without taking in the extra calories.

They caught up with Chef Brad Brunin from True Food Kitchen, who provides a few switches to your typical BBQ food that will help you stay fit.

If you enjoy burgers but do not want the extra calories and fat, try using bison instead of beef, with a light kale salad. It is a healthier alternative to your typical burgers and fries.

Chef Brad also provides a fresher twist to your typical fruit salad that will not add to your waistline.

For more information on the recipe and tips to healthier alternatives, check out The List's Fit List here .

Source: The List


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