It's grilling season: 4 steps to a better burger - fat, freshness, seasoning and buns go a long way


The hamburger is perhaps the most American of entrées, although its true origins are sandwiched between several slices of competing stories.
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As we begin to celebrate National Burger Month, we've come across a handy timeline of burger milestones , which also catalogs the various claims of burger invention. Check it out if you want.
In the meantime, we asked Chef Ehren Litzenberger- yes, that's his real name- purveyor of burger goodness at BLD in Chandler, to give us his list of "rules" for burger making.
1) Keep it fatty.
"A lot of people want to buy 95-percent [beef] with hardly any fat," said the chef. The problem with that is you don't get any fat and it tends to be dry.
2) Don't buy frozen meat
There is a reason burger chains like to advertise their "always fresh, never frozen" philosophies. Frozen meat just doesn't offer a solid foundation for the sandwich, opt for refrigerated meat instead. You'll be happy you did. Better yet, why not try meat from your local butcher?
3) Seasoning
"Seasoning is definitely a key ingredient," said Litzenberger. "Definitely get some salt, pepper and garlic in there!" While we're on the topic, have you tried some locally-produced salt seasonings?
4) Bread
"Believe it or not, bread is a key player in doing a burger," said Chef.
Try brioche, honey French rolls or even bolillas from your local panaderia. Once you try a burger with quality bread, you'll never go back to the 99-cent bread from the big box store.
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