Fast and easy hand painted gift wrap

Scripps Howard News Service - Have you ever received a gift that's been beautifully wrapped? I have a lovely friend who always wraps her gifts so thoughtfully no matter what the gift is inside. The gorgeous wrap is the most wonderful part of the present. This holiday season you can create gift wrap that looks like you've put tremendous effort into its creation when in fact it has only taken minutes! Beautifully wrapped presents are a joy to look at, especially if they'll be sitting under your Christmas tree for a couple of weeks. By using paper and paint you already have stored away, you may not even have to leave the house to find your supplies!


  • large pad of Tracing paper or other lightweight paper
  • a nice combination of acrylic paints that have been mixed to a creamy consistency in individual small containers
  • Metallic paint, I like Golden Acrylics Fine Gold or Silver
  • 1" foam brush
  • Regular or shredding scissors
  • Cup of water for rinsing your paintbrush


1. I began with a large pad of tracing paper I had on hand. It turned out to be just the right size for wrapping small gifts. This is a great way to use up extra paper you may already have. Using a pad of paper saves a step because the paper is already precut into sheets

2. Using a 1" foam brush quickly paint one sheet at a time. Your brush strokes can be can be wobbly, stripey or polka dotty. Keep it loose and relaxed. Use colors that coordinate well together. The more water you keep on your brush, the more the acrylic paint will dilute and look more like watercolor. Let your papers dry and then add touches of gold or silver metallic paint.

3.Once your papers are completely dry cut multiple 3" wide strips from one of the painted sheets. These will become a fringed band to wrap and embellish each present. Using regular or shredding scissors, fringe the two edges of your 3" strips. Save time by folding the strip in half the long way so you cut your fringing time in half.

4. Wrap your gifts with the paper and fold the fringed painted bands around the center, like a beautiful ribbon. Feel free to add more embellishments such a hand made tag and small card.

This is a delightful project to do with friends or the entire family!

Dena Fishbein is the designer and artist behind many home, gift and paper products found at your favorite stores. To ask her how to embellish anything, visit her blog at

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