Cleaning professionals offer unique, but green secrets

Looking for some unique and cost effective spring cleaning secrets?

Marcus and Erin Meyer, with Gator Cleaning Solutions , strive for professional results that are also environmentally friendly.

They shared some of their top tips with ABC Action News.

Chalk:  Treating a grease stain with a plain white piece of chalk prior to washing will help release the stain.  The chalk absorbs the grease, whether it's lipstick or juice from your latest crock pot creation.

Grapefruit Bath Wash:  Simply halve a grapefruit and coat it with kosher salt.  Sprinkle about another 1/4 cup of salt around the tub or shower and rub fruit in circular motion.  The grime will quickly disappear leaving your tub sparkling and smelling delightful!

Pumice Stone:  Pumice stones are not only great on our worn feet, but do magic on the hard water rings found in sinks, tubs and toilets.  A very inexpensive and effective solution to a common cleaning headache.

Herbs and Essential Oils:  What a great use for your leftover herbs - to mix them with baking soda to create a wonderful laundry freshener.  Add 4 drops of essential oils or a handful of fresh herb leaves of your choice (like basil) and let sit in a plastic container for one to two weeks and then simply add 1/2 cup to each load of laundry.  It's fabric freshener that won't expose your home to harsh chemicals or break the bank.

Outdoor Furniture Protection:  Olive oil is a wonderful solution to Florida heat and the damage it can have on wicker and rattan furniture.  Sparingly rub olive oil onto the wicker or rattan with a cotton or microfiber cloth to protect it from drying out or cracking.  You can also mix 1 cup olive oil with a 1/2 cup lemon juice to create a very effective furniture polish!

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