VIDEO: Singer Miguel lands on fan's head during 2013 Billboard Music Awards Adorn performance

R&B singer Miguel's kicking performance at the Billboard Music Awards is making headlines after he accidently landed on a fan's head in the audience, reports.

The singer, who says he was caught up in the moment, tried to jump from one stage to the next as he sang "Adorn". The problem is, he stopped short and partially landed on a woman's head before his lower body grazed over a group of fans to his intended landing spot on stage.

The woman could be seen holding her head after he made it to the second stage and continued to sing the song.

Miguel followed up on Twitter saying "Got caught up in the moment, thank goodness Khyati is okay. "

Billboard writer Erika Ramirez tweeted that the woman was okay and was seen with Miguel holding an icepack.

Ramirez tweeted "she even said ‘I adorn him. "

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To watch Miguel's performance, click here: or watch the video below:

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