Madden NFL 12 first impressions and early review

Madden NFL 12 was released Tuesday morning, which means the digital football season is finally upon us.

Cowboys fans can dream of a Super Bowl and Bengals fans can attempt to win more than three games.

While it's unlikely that either of those things will happen, Madden NFL 12 is without a doubt the best way for players to live out their football fantasies.

EA Sports was determined to make Madden 12 much more than a roster update, and it shows. The graphics are crisp, and the game play is better than ever before. Updated lighting and grass effects really give you the Sunday afternoon feel while playing.

Like years past, the cut scenes in the game are well done and include pertinent information when you'd expect it. Unfortunately, that isn't always the case when it comes to the commentary.

Gus Johnson and Cris Collinsworth are perfectly acceptable commentators, but the developers need to spend more time ensuring that you hear the right comments at the right time. Additionally, players are often just called by their number instead of their names, which is frustrating, especially when it's a marquee player.

Overall, our first impression of the game is favorable. We'll have a complete review on Thursday.

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