The Bachelor Blog: Episode 8 - Juan Pablo meets the parents

This season of “The Bachelor” is winding down and that means it’s time for hometown dates.  
Nikki kicked them off in Kansas City.  She was eager to find out if Juan Pablo has what it takes to enjoy the country things in life.  Their day started off easy enough, enjoying a nice plate of barbecue ribs.  Little did he know his true test was coming in the form of a ride on a mechanical bull.  He did a nice job of proving he wasn’t afraid to put his boots on and get down to business.
Nikki’s supportive family welcomed Juan Pablo into their home with open arms.  Her parents were more than willing to share the fact they trusted her decisions.  Despite a seemingly flawless date, she held back telling him she loved him. 
This was definitely a feel good date.  You know I’ve been cheering for Nikki from the beginning.  After watching him interact with her family, I have a feeling she will be one of the final two. 
Juan Pablo had no idea what he was walking into when he arrived in Atlanta for Andi’s hometown date.  The intensity started on a gun range where his skills were put to the test.  In the end, it was Andi who proved she knew what she was doing.
Then it was time to meet the parents and I have to start by saying “yikes!”  It was almost immediately clear Andi’s dad was not excited about their relationship.  He said he was unimpressed by the fact he was dating three other ladies.  Her sister added fuel to fire by also expressing her doubts.
Even though their tough love may have been hard to hear, I was glad her family was honest about their feelings.  
My fingers were crossed that Juan’s Pablo date with Renee in Sarasota would be a success.  It was so heartwarming to watch them cheer on her son during his little league game.
Her family was more than willing to welcome Juan Pablo into their lives.  At the end of the night she wished she told Juan Pablo that she loved him.
I found myself smiling through this entire date.  Renee appears to have so many wonderful qualities.  She seems like a woman taking charge of her life, eager to find a great love.
Sacramento was the backdrop for Clare’s hometown date.  It started off with a relaxing day at the park, then cue dramatic music, it was time to meet her family. 
She is the youngest of six girls, and to say they are protective of her would be an understatement.  I don’t think anyone expected her outspoken sister Laura to react to her homecoming with Juan Pablo so strongly.  She did not hold back her feelings, leading to some super awkward interactions.  Despite those moments, her mom gave her vote of approval.
This “Bachelor” junkie is on the fence about Clare.  I really liked her in the beginning, but for some reason I feel like she is trying harder than the other ladies to prove herself.  
Spoiler Alert!
I almost had to pick up my jaw up off the floor when Renee was sent home during the rose ceremony.  She seemed like such a good match for Juan Pablo.  Renee went through this season with such grace and class.  It was painful to watch her go.
“The Bachelor” fun is not over yet.  The two night event continues Tuesday night as Clare, Nikki and Andi head to St. Lucia.  I can’t wait to see the dramatic bombshell that drops after their time in the fantasy suites.  What goes so terribly wrong?
We’ll find out Tuesday at 8 p.m. on ABC Action News.
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