Summer blockbusters hit theaters early


With just over a month to go before Summer begins, Hollywood is rolling out the red carpet for this year's summer blockbuster movies.
May 3
It all began with Iron Man 3. When Tony Stark's world is broken apart by a terrorist calling himself Mandarin, Tony has to reinvent himself and try to put the pieces back together.
Iron Man 3 made $175 million over the weekend ending on 5/5. The number two movie was Pain & Gain at 7.6 million.
May 10
Iron Man 3 will still be the king this week. But two movies will be competing for 2nd place at the box office. Peeples, directed by Tina Gordon Chism, is a Tyler Perry family comedy. Also The Great Gatsby with Leonardo DiCaprio will be bringing the classic novel to the big screen. 
May 17
Let the battle begin. Star Trek Into Darkness hits the screens today. It should unseat IM3 at #1 but we will see. Director JJ Abrams will once again bring a lot of shock and awe to the Paramount franchise. Will we see a cameo of a Star Wars character like we did in the 2009 Star Trek movie?
May 24
This weekend brings two proven movies together for some direct competition. Fast & Furious 6 brings the original crew together, plus Dwayne Johnson(The Rock), as they try to clear their names by doing one last job. Not to be ignored is the conclusion of the Hangover series. The Hangover III sends the Wolfpack back to Vegas. The Hangover II was not the best but Warner Bros. decided to try one more time. With the principle cast and director, Vegas, Los Angeles, and Tijuana may never be the same.
May 31
After Earth opens. It is a story about a crash landing on Earth 1000 years after the Earth was evacuated. A father and son must find a way to get to a signal that can call for their rescue. The father-son team is played by Will Smith and his son Jaden Smith. Directed by M. Night Shyamalan, you can expect the unexpected.
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