Giant duck goes flat in Hong Kong

HONG KONG - A giant inflatable duck known as "Rubber Duck" has gone flat.  The 54-foot duck was deflated over night and reduced to a flat piece of plastic in Hong Kong's Victoria Harbour.  People who showed up to have their picture taken with the duck were forced to take pictures with smaller ducks instead.

Organizers say the duck was deflated on purpose for scheduled maintenance.  There's no word on when it will be re-inflated.

The duck arrived in Hong Kong at the beginning of May.  There are reports the duck is boosting local businesses.  Chinese factories say sales of rubber ducks are soaring.  Yellow cakes shaped like ducks are also picking up in sales.  And hotels are advertising rooms with great views of the duck.

The duck is scheduled to stay in Hong Kong until June 9.  After that It's supposed to go on display somewhere in the United States, but the location is being kept a secret.

The duck has already made stops at a dozen other cities around the world including: Amsterdam, Sydney, Sao Paolo and Osaka.

The duck art was created by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman. He says the duck is supposed to remind people of their childhood, without concern for bills or other adult responsibilities.

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