Eleven couples getting hitched at Walt Disney World on 11/11/11

ORLANDO - 11/11/11 not only marks Veteran's Day, but it will become a wedding anniversary for thousands of couples tying the knot today.

Walt Disney World, known for their magical weddings, usually hosts more than a thousand nuptials per year, but in the spirit of 11/11/11, Disney's Fairy Tale Weddings will marry 11 couples from eleven different cities.

One couple comes from Disney's home town, Orlando, Fla., while another couple travelled all the way from Makawao, Hawaii to say "I do".

If you haven't guessed the time when these couples will make it official, one wedding will take place at 11:11 a.m., and another at 11.11 p.m.

But couples getting hitched on days like this is nothing new to Disney World.

"Our couples have always loved sequential number wedding dates and we are already beginning to hold space for 12/12/12," according to Korri McFann, the Worldwide Marketing & Business Development Director, Disney's Fairy Tale Weddings & Honeymoons.

"Couples have even moved venues to make sure their wedding stays on one of these very special dates," she said to Talk Disney.com

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