Steven Spielberg honors George Clooney for humanitarian work

NEW YORK (AP) - Director Steven Spielberg is marking the 20th year of his humanitarian foundation by honoring the humanitarian work of a Hollywood friend and colleague: George Clooney.

At a glittery gala at New York's Museum of Natural History Thursday, Spielberg presented Clooney with the Ambassador for Humanity award from his USC Shoah Foundation. Also on hand to praise Clooney's work, much of it in the Darfur region of Sudan, was his current co-star Sandra Bullock, and Jon Stewart.

Clooney in turn praised Spielberg for his foundation's work in collecting and preserving video testimonies of Holocaust victims for future generations.

The gala marked the 20th anniversary of Spielberg's Holocaust movie "Schindler's List," a film that won the director an Oscar and, Spielberg says, gave him the idea to start a foundation.

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