Ian Somerhalder shoots down 50 Shades Of Gray rumors

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES star IAN SOMERHALDER has dismissed rumors he's in line for the lead role in the movie adaptation of erotic novel 50 SHADES OF GRAY alongside NINA DOBREV.

The pair, who play love interests on the hit supernatural drama, are a couple in real life, and industry reports suggest they are in the running to play kinky lovers Anastasia Steele and businessman Christian Gray in the big screen take on E. L. James' phenomenally successful book.

However, Somerhalder has shot down the rumors, insisting bosses at Universal - the movie studio behind the movie - are sure to steer clear of a TV couple.

He tells U.S. show Extra, "I can't imagine Universal doing that, but that could be very interesting."

And his girlfriend insists that playing Somerhalder's lover in a movie adaptation of the book would be a bad casting decision, adding, "I think if we were both in Fifty Shades Of Gray, people would still see us as (our Vampire Diaries characters) Elena and Damon."

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