Bachelor Blog: Shocking twists and a baffling conclusion on the season finale of "The Bachelor"

LOS ANGELES - “Bachelor” nation waited on edge to see if Juan Pablo would propose on the season finale of “The Bachelor.”

Before their final dates, Clare and Nikki had to meet his family.  They both seemed to have nice interactions with them, although Nikki’s experience appeared to flow more naturally.  Then several red flags came up.  Some of his family even warned the ladies about Juan Pablo!  I could not help but think, “Yikes! If that’s not a sign to run away fast, I don’t know what is!”

Clare eagerly greeted Juan Pablo during their final date, but the excitement was short lived when she revealed a shocker this “Bachelor” junkie never saw coming!  She said while the cameras were off he made a comment about their physical relationship, a comment so disgusting she could not bear to repeat it.  To top it off, she said he told her he did not even feel like he knew her.

Later that night she confronted him, saying she wanted a relationship that was built on more than just a physical connection.  Juan Pablo looked confused as she shared her feelings.  He told her he was just being honest.  I could not help but think that “honestly,” his reaction was weird.  He seemed to cast her comments aside.  This left a terrible taste in my mouth!  I could not help but think more of his true colors were coming out.

In the end, Clare decided to stay.   

Nikki said she was crazy about Juan Pablo during her last date, but admitted she thought he was being guarded with his emotions. At the end of the night all she wanted to hear was how he felt, but instead she was left crying.  It was clear she did not get the reassurance she needed.
Then came the moment of truth.

Juan Pablo sent Clare home during the final rose ceremony, but I think she had the final say.  I wanted to cheer as she stopped him from really explaining himself.  She even went so far as to say she would not want him to be the father of her children.   

After she walked away Juan Pablo simply said, “I’m glad I didn’t pick her.”  I cringed and started to feel my blood boil.  After all they had gone through, that is all he could say!?

Then it was down to Nikki.  She nervously shared her feelings with Juan Pablo, but all he said was, “I like you a lot.”  In the end, he offered her the final rose, not a ring, the final rose.

During “After the Final Rose," host Chris Harrison come down hard on Juan Pablo.  I wanted to throw my remote at my television set as we heard from the couple for the first time.  Nikki was eager to say she was in love, but Juan Pablo was another story.  He said he was happy, but refused to say he loved her.

This was definitely the weirdest and confusing ending to “The Bachelor” ever!  As a fan, you hope the couple finds love at the end of the journey, instead I was left feeling disappointed.  I guess only time will tell if their relationship has what it takes to last.

The next “Bachelorette” was also announced during the finale special.  Andi Dorfman walked out on Juan Pablo this season after her night in the “fantasy suite.”  Her search for love starts May 2014.

You know I’ll be watching!

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