A peek at some 2012 Super Bowl commercials

In 2011, nine automobile brands spent $77.5 million on Super Bowl advertising. That was more than twice as much as the industry spent the year before, and more than the next four groups combined - beer, movies, regular soft drinks and tortilla chips, according to Nielsen, the media research company.

This year, 11 brands will be spending even more.

Chevrolet alone has purchased seven spots.

GM has already released some of its Super Bowl ads online - including a spot for the Chevy Sonic that shows the subcompact skydiving, bungee-jumping, doing a skateboard kickflip and recording a music video. The message? This car is even cooler than you.

Chevrolet's Route 66 "Happy Grad"

For one Long Islander, Super Bowl XLVI is already a win.

A commercial created by Zachary Borst, who lives in Merrick and grew up in Inwood, will represent Chevrolet during the big game.

Borst, 26, won the coveted ad spot -- and a $25,000 grand prize -- through the Chevrolet Route 66 video contest. His video was picked as the winner from about 200 submissions from around the world.

"I'm excited, overwhelmed, exhausted, ecstatic, in shock," said Borst, who filmed his commercial, "Happy Grad," in Floral Park in September.

The ad will run during the Super Bowl on Feb. 5 and possibly during future programming, said Kevin Mayer, Chevrolet's director of advertising and sales promotion.

In "Happy Grad," a high school graduate -- played by comedian Brett Siddell -- is overjoyed to see a bright yellow Chevy Camaro parked outside his house after graduation. In his excitement, the grad fails to notice his real gift, a mini-fridge, sitting beside the car. The Camaro belongs to a neighbor, who eventually drives off with it.

(mobile and tablet users, watch at http://youtu.be/Ae52ourE3Pw)

Pepsi MAX "Check Out" Starring Regis Philbin

(mobile and tablet users, watch at http://youtu.be/A7USr2kriO8)

H & M "Bodywear" Starring David Beckham

Someone must have finally noticed that 45.9 percent of last year's Super Bowl audience was female, which is why the ladies will be treated to some scantily clad images of David Beckham. The soccer star will be promoting his line of men's Bodywear for Super Bowl advertising newbie H&M.

(mobile and tablet users, watch at http://youtu.be/eQb_-OY7Z0E)

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