Rob Munoz

A Southern California native, Rob Munoz joined the ABC Action News team in January 2013.

Rob is excited to be a part of this community and being given the opportunity to tell your stories on ABC Action News in the mornings.

Rob's reporting career began at KXXV in Waco, Texas.  He then moved to KSNV in Las Vegas.

He graduated from Ohio State with a degree in Journalism.  Rob said it was sad to leave such an amazing school, but he was excited to start his journey.

Rob's stories have given him the opportunity to do just about everything under the sun.  From breaking news, weather calamities, celebrity interviews to hard-hitting court cases, Rob has covered them all.

He grew up in a town called Corona, Calf.  But since most people usually can't locate it on a map, he just tells them, "I'm from LA."  Rob said he spent most of my time on the beaches in Orange County.

When he's not working, he's either at a Crossfit workout, running outdoors, being with friends or just out and about.

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