Bill Logan

TAMPA - Accu-Weather reporter Bill Logan has been with ABC Action News since March 2004, and says it's great to be back home.  In between stints with the local stations, Bill has been a media relations representative with Disney in Orlando, a sportscaster in North Carolina, and was even a Home Shopping host.

"I've moved 'back' to Tampa Bay twice before," he says. "I gotta believe that the third time's the charm!"

Bill and his family (wife, two daughters, two dogs and two cats) live in the Tampa Bay area...and they're loving the re-discovery of all that the bay area has to offer!

About his short time being a sports reporter:

After working in television for nearly two decades, doing news and weather almost exclusively, I had the opportunity to relocate to North Carolina and anchor nightly sports segments. With ACC Basketball powerhouses, Professional Football and Hockey teams surrounding me, I couldn’t wait to dig in and cover the action.

Unfortunately, like the kid who loves Ice Cream who gets a job working at the Ice Cream factory and ultimately gets sick of Ice Cream, the luster of the games was lost as I had to produce the sportscast, edit the highlights and interview the principals… every night… by myself mostly. I mean, I was courtside at Cameron Indoor Stadium for Carolina-Duke, and all I could think about was what highlights to cut for the 11:00 sportscast.

I was only at that station for a little while, before returning to the Bay area… to work at Home Shopping Network. But that’s another story for another time.

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