2013 Turkey Watch Report from Florida TaxWatch

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. - The annual Florida TaxWatch Turkey Watch spotlights legislative projects placed in the budget without proper opportunity for public review and debate, which circumvent lawfully established procedures, or which non-competitively benefit a very limited special interest or local area of the state.

This year, Florida TaxWatch has identified 107 member projects and other items historically referred to as "Turkeys." These appropriations total $106.8 million and are recommended to the Governor for consideration in his line-item veto process. Despite a budget surplus for the first time in several years, the Legislature showed some restraint when adding local member projects and other projects historically referred to as Turkeys. This year's Turkey Watch Report is smaller than last year's, when 159 items worth $171 million were in the budget, in spite of the multi-billion dollar shortfall in that year.

Read the entire 2013 Turkey Watch Report at  http://www.floridataxwatch.org/resources/pdf/2013TurkeyWatchFINAL.pdf .

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